Let the New Year...

...make us even more united within our family!

Skeda 1979. Santa has arrived

Furthest back: Peter, 34. In the sofa: Margareta, 34 and Karin, 86. Sitting in front of them: Anniqua, 37 with Jakob, 4, Larz, 3, Anna, 6 and Hans, 6. Anna, 90, looks as if she had seen all this before.

Preparing for Christmas

The book about Skeda

When I was at Skeda some month ago, I started to write on a book about the family estate where I grew up. The main house was built in 1906 and several people lived there before my great grandfather bought it as a summer home in 1941.There are four additional estates that originally belong to Skeda. They will also be included as will the people living there, who will be portrayed in the book. I expect to write most of it during the summer to come.

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