In 1896...

...Salomon became very ill with a kidney descease. Together with Lydia, he went to Germany to get medical help. This photo features the daughters waiting for their parents at Österängen. In the sofa: Greta, Kerstin (on Gulli Almquist's lap), Anna. On the floor: Karin and Ellen.  


Once upon a time, there lived in Jönköping a young couple: Salomon and Lydia Lindman. Salomon was a business man and a politician. Lydia was educated as a church singer and an organist. This photo features Salomon and Lydia with their daughters Ellen, Greta and Anna in 1892 at Österängen, the farm where they lived. Later the daughters Karin and Kerstin were also born...

Gösta Wennberg on memory

Memory is often treacherous. We never know what we remember, really. Our forgetfullness works by selection. For many reasons, what we observe when we hear and see something is also selective. 

More true than we can ever grasp.

What family history is all about

To be interested in your family history is, as I see it, basically to be interested in yourself. It is to have a curiosity about your genetic origin and to find it a little fun to meet people who actually share it. Of course you cannot be equally fascinated by all of your ancestors but if some of them are availible by photos, letters, diaries (and in our case: well written stories) it is most natural, at least to me, to be interested in getting to know them.

Intellectually I can understand people who do not share this interest. Emotionally I find it much more difficult. I would like every descendant of Salomon and Lydia Lindman to have at least a basic curiosity about who they were, but must accept that this will never be the case. All I can do is to tell you what captures my interest and why it does.

As long as I live, our family website will exist as a vivid monument of the past. As long as there are a number of people with an active interest it will be updated. And the more feedback I get from my relatives in Sweden, US and Canada, the more motivated I will be to keep investing energy into this project.

Harry's painting of Skeda

I remember my great aunt Stina...

...with her white hair, sharp tounge and distinctive personality. Here she visits Skeda with Harry Hassel, the man that she lived with during the 70s. I remember well the tears in the eyes of my great grandmother after Harry's death in 1977 (I must have wondered what was going on).

A photo from 1980

I'm not only a family historian, I'm also a frustrated actor.

An article today about Frank Heller... great grandmother's first cousin who wrote about 50 adventurous novels.

A picture by Ulla...

"Purging" (Lavemang). Copyright Ulla Wennberg.

May I present... third cousin Mia de Bartolo.

This photo of our foremother Lydia...

...belongs to the last series of pictures that we have of her, taken in the summer of 1936, when Kerstin and Dickie visited her in Karlshamn. Without knowing it herself, she had only a month or so left to live; I wonder if she was happy during this last period of her life.

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