Else's daughter Anita and granddaughter Malin

A photo from 2004...

...Else Wennberg and her great granddaughter Elli.

This is the Family room at Skeda...

...with Gustaf Lindman overlooking everything that happens.
During the family reunion, July 30, this will be the luxury suite.

Kerstin's grown up children...

...Dick, Sylvia, Ted and Louise reunited in Canada, around 1950. Their mother Kerstin was no longer with them. In July of 1949, three years after returning to Toronto and her husband, she died after many years of suffering from a rheumatic heart. Dick tells us about her mother's last years that

Throughout her remaining life she was ill, often in pain and taking digitalis for her heart condition. While it was not totally unexpected her death came suddenly (she died at home an early morning) and on reflection perhaps it was a blessing as her last years were not very happy ones. [...] My overall feeling is that my mother had a very difficult life with early periods of happiness, but the separation from husband and Louise changed everything for the worse as did the decline of her health.

So, from the middle of the 20th century, only two of the Lindman sisters were left: Anna and Karin. Myself I have memories of both. To be continued.

Greta's children Else, Chris and Margaret...

...gathered in Värnamo around 1940. Their older brother Bob was still the US - I don't have any adult photos of him (and so he remains the biggest mystery of our family: where did he live, what did he do etc). Else, Chris and Margaret were educated in Sweden but only Else stayed here for the rest of her life.

Another Värnamo photo

Brita, Gösta and Sic. I guess that my grandfather Bertil, who was an excellent photographer, took it.

The reason why we know each other

This photo was taken in Anna and Helge's home at Norra Vägen 6 in Värnamo, around 1940. During the years 1935 to 1937 the three youngest of Greta's children came to Sweden, escaping from a difficult and demanding (widowed) stepmother in the US. Kerstin and her three youngest children also came, escaping from the poverty following the financial depression.

The back row from the left: Kerstin Ring, Margaret Andersen, a Finnish girl (that Anna took in during the war), Else Andersen, Anna Wennberg with another Finnish girl, Helge Wennberg. The front row: Chris Andersen, Ted Ring, Dick Ring, Sylvia Ring and Stina Wennberg.


From 1920 to 1935, Karin worked at Karlshamn's elementary school for girls. 1929-1935 her mother Lydia lived with her. The photo features the two of them, either in Värnamo where Lydia lived during the 20s (the furniture are now in Skeda's cottage) or in Karlshamn.

The last year of her life, Lydia lived by herself in a small apartment.

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