Kerstin's grown up children...

...Dick, Sylvia, Ted and Louise reunited in Canada, around 1950. Their mother Kerstin was no longer with them. In July of 1949, three years after returning to Toronto and her husband, she died after many years of suffering from a rheumatic heart. Dick tells us about her mother's last years that

Throughout her remaining life she was ill, often in pain and taking digitalis for her heart condition. While it was not totally unexpected her death came suddenly (she died at home an early morning) and on reflection perhaps it was a blessing as her last years were not very happy ones. [...] My overall feeling is that my mother had a very difficult life with early periods of happiness, but the separation from husband and Louise changed everything for the worse as did the decline of her health.

So, from the middle of the 20th century, only two of the Lindman sisters were left: Anna and Karin. Myself I have memories of both. To be continued.


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