The reason why we know each other

This photo was taken in Anna and Helge's home at Norra Vägen 6 in Värnamo, around 1940. During the years 1935 to 1937 the three youngest of Greta's children came to Sweden, escaping from a difficult and demanding (widowed) stepmother in the US. Kerstin and her three youngest children also came, escaping from the poverty following the financial depression.

The back row from the left: Kerstin Ring, Margaret Andersen, a Finnish girl (that Anna took in during the war), Else Andersen, Anna Wennberg with another Finnish girl, Helge Wennberg. The front row: Chris Andersen, Ted Ring, Dick Ring, Sylvia Ring and Stina Wennberg.

Postat av: Dick

Still amazing how Anna and Helge were able to care for so many youngsters during those years. The Finnish girls were my playmates;believe one of them named Annika.The photo which Chris sent me just before he died includes the only missing member..Sic,an English setter..It is marked..Forsommaren 1940..Norregatan 4.,written in the time,I suspect...

2011-04-14 @ 13:29:46

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