A historical letter...

...has been found by Anita Råsten. On January 16, 1924, Kerstin Lindman Ring writes to her mother Lydia: "Dear beloved Mother! It is sad news I have to write to you all in the country of Sweden, who love our nice decent Greta. She passed away on January 16 at 00.45 at night after the twins, a boy and a girl, was born at 10.20 - 10.30 in the evening. So after only two hours..."

And we all know what happened after this. Greta's husband Christian remarried Mildred and only a few years later he died himself. The children Bob, Margaret, Else and Chris were left with a difficult and demanding stepmother, which made them all (except Bob) escape to Sweden in the 1930's. Else settled down in Sweden while Margaret and Chris eventually returned to the US.


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