In 1935...

...Kerstin Lindman Ring and her children Ted, Sylvia and Dick left Canada for Sweden because of the depression. Initially, they lived in the home of Kerstin's sister Anna and her husband Helge. At the same time, the children of Kerstin's deceased sister Greta lived there. This picture, taken in Värnamo around 1940, shows Kerstin, Margaret (Greta's daughter), a Finnish girl (name unknown) whom Anna had taken care of, Else (Greta's daughter), Helge, Chris (Greta's son), Ted, Dick, Sylvia, Anna with another Finnish girl on her lap, and Stina (Anna's daughter). One person in this picture, Dick, is still with us today. Go to "More Stories" and read my conversation with him!

Postat av: Dick

to come

2009-08-20 @ 15:10:06
Postat av: Dick

The 1935 photo is precious to me;thanks Hans for editing my recollections and preparing a creative work.Somehow I neglected to include Margaret,the elder sister of Chris and Else. A bit weird as Margaret is a very favorite name of mine. So Anna and Helge did a great job with Gosta, Stina and Brita as they did for some time with 3 Andersens,4 Rings and for a few years at least 2 Finnish girls. Both were my playmates, one was named Annika.Most remarkable,hope that we showed enough gratitude.Not surprisingly there was also a live-in maid,;quite religious,tried to straighten me out and no doubt earned her room and board and whatever kroner maids made way back then.

2009-08-22 @ 18:21:14
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