This lady... authoress Elsi Rydsjö, 89 years old and probably the most well known Lindman descendant living today. She is a granddaughter of Salomon's sister (and thereby a second cousin of, for example, Dick). Elsi Rydsjö has written a lot of historical novels; one of the first was Kavalkad, a partly reality based story about Salomon's father. She has also written novels inspired by her mother's life. This picture was taken last summer when I visited her in her beautiful home in Simrishamn in the very south of Sweden. Unfortunately she doesn't write anymore because of her bad sight, but had she been younger and still active I would have asked her to write the novel about Lydia.

Postat av: Dick

This web site has uncovered so much fascinating information ;likely there is more to come.Have come from being most uninvolved(back in the days when niece Jennifer kept asking me about so many basic family details which I had to research)to wondering...what's next.

If that novelist is not to be found,might it be an idea to distill all those documents,adding appropriate photos/documents,into one narrative to produce a overall picture of Family Lindman.? Still need someone to do it,eh Hans!(eh is a uniquely Canadian phrase with which many end a sentence. Drives a lot of our southern neighbours crazy. Well,irritated anyway.

2009-08-31 @ 13:20:05
Postat av: Hans

Very possible. If "Skeda 2011" shows an increasing interest among the family members, that might be the starting point for such a project.

2009-08-31 @ 14:02:19

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