A wonderful film at Christmas

This picture comes from Ingmar Bergman's wonderful masterpiece Fanny and Alexander (1982). I have seen it several times and cannot stop loving it. If you see the television version of it (which is five hours long) you will understand what I mean: the colours, the atmosphere, the story, the acting. In this film you have the chance to see the wonderful actress Gunn Wållgren playing her very last part.

I remember Bergman saying in an interview, many years ago, that he believed that there were "other realities" than the one that we take for granted. And I guess this is very much what the film is about, showed by means of the lively and creative mind of Alexander. (Photo by Arne Carlsson, copyright Stiftelsen Ingmar Bergman.)

Postat av: Dick

Yes a wonderful movie that bears frequent viewing. A characteristic of a classic, I suggest. In music, Robert Schumann,composer and publisher of THE music publication of the day, expressed it well."Does it not seem that the more often we hear the music of Mozart,the fresher it sounds". Some of Bergman's movies qualify;I particularly like an early one,The Seventh Seal.Black and white worked.

2009-12-07 @ 02:36:11

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