Being intellectual... not the same as being intelligent. I consider myself intellectual since I absolutely cannot accept what I don't understand. Especially when it comes to human matters. Today the Nobel Prize Cermony is held in Stockholm. To be invited is more prestigious than anything - I wouldn't say no to it myself.

And I must say that I have tried to listen to the Nobel Prize speeches on TV. Even though I'm more of an abstract thinker (and a reader) than the average, I cannot say that I understood more than parts of it. And I couldn't keep my attention very long: it was boring.

So what about all the others listening to the speeches, including our king? Do they listen to every word of them? Do they understand, do they even try to understand? How much do they remember afterwords? How many people can say that "in 2002 the best speech was made about this prize, you know when so-and-so talked about this-and-that"? For what people exactly are those speeches made? If the king would admit that he neighter understand the speeches nor care about them, would they be made in vain?

Postat av: Dick

I suspect in Norway , a few days ago,close attention was paid to the speech made by President Obama. Thought it was well crafted even though many,including myself,may not agree with his big decision. Do think he should have had lunch with the king ;likely a bit more relaxed than returning to the huge challenges in Washington.But then, a few hours in Copenhagen later this week may give him a bit of a break again. Hopefully something worthwhile will come out of the conference.

2009-12-13 @ 12:09:14

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