The unknown Mr. Bob Andersen

One of the descendants that we know the least about is Greta's oldest son Bob (or Bobby). He was born in Chicago 1914 and died in 1971; his full name was Robert Lindman Andersen. (Under "Other Documents" you can read about him in letters written by Greta and Lydia.) He had three siblings: Margaret, Else and Chris. When they moved to Sweden in the 30's he didn't follow them and that's why we know so little about him.

In March this year I decided to call Else and find out some more, but unfortunately she was already rushed to hospital for the very last time. I never got that information. So I decided to write a letter to her only remaining sibling, her twin brother Chris in the US. He never answered it, likely because he read it on his deathbed.

I didn't dare to contact any more people.

Anyway - when I visited Jennifer in Ottawa in July, i found a document written after Aunt Karin's death in 1985. It was a record of her survivors, saying that Bob had an (adopted) son named Lee Drott, living in Rockville, Maryland, US. By the internet I could find out some more: he would be 75 years old by now and seems to have a son named Justin and a daughter named Greta!

Who knows. Maybe some day they will read this, contact us and want to be a part of our society. And when they do, they will be most welcome. (September 19.)

Postat av: Greta Andersen

Hi, I am Robert Lindman Andersen's daughter. Lee Drott is my husband and Justin Drott is our son. My dad passed away in November 1971.

2011-11-17 @ 20:44:31
Postat av: Greta Andersen Drott

You can contact me at

2011-11-17 @ 20:45:33

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