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This is Dick with his two sons, Stephen and Michael, in a photo from 1987. As you can see, young people of today have no respect for the older generations. I guess that in the future everyone under 20 will be violent and evil.

Postat av: Dick

Manners do improve. 22 years later,Stephen ,giving his dad the rassberry,is relatively polite;a necessity,I believe for teaching English as a second language ,in Saigon. Michael,doing a V, is now back with Taeko from Japan,and towers over me as he as he is settling in a job calling on doctors. Much patience is required.

A sign of the times is that the resort shown (Hidden Valley in Muskoka) is about a mile from Deerhurst Lodge, where the June 2010 G8 summit(the G20 will likely be moved to Toronto) is being held. For months local residents in this very expensive cottage area have been greatly inconvenienced by ongoing security measures being taken. Understandably,they are not too pleased. Such a world we now live in.

2009-11-21 @ 14:09:21

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