It is grand...

...for me to present this photo of Kerstin, Dickie and Lydia, taken in 1936. Dick calls it "the threesome" and it really is special for us today since it connects us with the past more than any other document that we have. Dick, today 79 years old, is the only survivor in his generation and the only one left who has met Lydia.

When I see this last photo of Lydia I cannot help wondering: what was she thinking of? What did they talk about? Here she looks much older and skinnier than she does in the photos taken just a few years earlier. On September 16, 1936, she was found dead in her apartment in Olsborg outside Karlshamn. Just a few weeks earlier she had this visit (a longer stay) by Kerstin and Dickie, which you can read about in those letters from Lydia to Anna  / brev från Lydia till Anna.


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