What family history is all about

To be interested in your family history is, to me, basically to be interested in yourself. It is to have an emotional relationship to your progenitors and to find it a little fun to meet people of the same origin. It is impossible to have an emotional relationship to all your progenitors but if some of them are availible by photos, letters, diaries etc. it is most natural, at least for me, to be attracted of getting to know them. 

Intellectually I can understand and accept people who do not feel this attraction. Emotionally I find it much more difficult. I would like every descendant of Salomon and Lydia to have at least a basic interest but must accept that this will never be the case. All I can do is to tell you all what I find interesting and why.

As long as I live the Salomon and Lydia-site will exist. As long as there are a number of people interested, it will be updated. And the more feedback I get from my relatives in Sweden, US and Canada, the more motivated I will be to go on with this project.


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