Today and yesterday

Things were different yesterday. At least if yesterday means the time, say, before radio and television existed. But how much does a different society change the people: their thougts, conversations and behaviour? How much does it change their sex life and the language related to it?

100 years ago my great grandmother Anna was 20 years old. What did she talk about with her friends? What did she say about the things that were most private? I know some of the things that young women, and also men, talk about over a bottle of wine at a late Friday night (and it is definetely not contemplation about the ancestors). I wonder if my great grandmother ever had that kind of conversation. And if she had, did she use the same words that her great granddaughters would use today? How big would the difference be?

Postat av: anita

Anna as 20 is absolutly wonderfully beautiful!! Adorable, is that the right word? But as the same time she looks kind of calm. As if she was going to stay at home and not like her sister Greta, go abroad.

2009-11-16 @ 17:49:22

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