In 2007...

...I went to Calgary to attend a summer course (two weeks) in improvisation theatre. It was a good and interesting course. When I came back to Sweden I had quite a few new experiences and a booklet with excercises that I can still use.

But this course also made me understand that people outside Sweden don't have a warm meal in the middle of the day (which I find necessary); that theatre people (those on stage) are generally more intuitive and less analytical (I was quite frustrated sometimes) and that many people (at least in North America) are terribly afraid of showing serious sexual feelings on stage. They do it in a silly way because they find it so embarrasing.

Interesting that people who are so sociable and physical (like to hug etc.) still don't want to show themselfs really vulnerable. Backstage I was the most introvert, on stage I was the most extrovert.


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