Talking about Gustaf Lindman...

...I found this photo of him together with my great grandparents Anna and Helge, Stockholm, 1914 (the same year that my grandmother Brita was born). Perhaps they are asking him for money?

Postat av: Anita R

After all i have read, heard and understood I am deeply touched when looking at this picture. GL had let Anna go to marry Helge and there they are perhaps begging?

2009-10-31 @ 16:39:27
Postat av: Hans

Well, maybe they are begging for something but they were already married (1913). I like the picture, it looks as if it came from a film. Reminds me of "Den goda viljan", the series about Ingmar Bergman's parents.

2009-10-31 @ 17:01:30
Postat av: Dick

Understand that Gustaf was very generous to my mother Kerstin in several ways during many years so if conjecture is true,likely he came across with enough kroner for Anna and Helge!? Gather Gustaf helped many people. A benevolent fore farher,it seems.

2009-11-03 @ 12:41:44

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