This drawing...

...was made by Jennifer Ring. Her grandmother Kerstin was ill for a great part of her life; she had a so called rheumatic heart. There has been speculation about this condition being caused by Kerstin being "dropped into cold water" as a child. When Jennifer heard about this she made two sketches of which this is one. 

According to my great grandmother Anna, the incident took place at Österängen's farm when Kerstin was about one year old and nearly drowned in a stream outside their house. 

What if Kerstin really had drowned. So much would have been different. There wouldn't have been a Torsten, nor a Marita, nor a Dag, Vivianne or Eva-Karin. Reginald Ring would, sadly enough, have had to find another woman to marry. And I wouldn't have had anyone to visit when I went to Canada this summer.


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