This is Julian Wienrib...

...her great great great great grandchild in Toronto, born in 1980; son of Nancy Young, grandson of Louise Ring, great grandson of Kerstin Lindman. At the family reunion at Barbara's this summer, I met him very quickly but didn't really have the chance to talk to him. Hopefully I will in the future. (Photo by Kerstin Ring.)

Postat av: Dick

Re Julian Weinrib,let's see. Mother Kerstin's daughter Louise's daughter Nancy's son. Perhaps one or two less "greats"; not important but a bio from Julian Weinrib..or your discussion-to-be would be interesting.

2009-10-10 @ 15:24:52
Postat av: Dick

Oops, you are right,do not know where my extra greats came from. Basically, I still function reasonably well for my age.

Re be most interested in comments re Obama/Nobel peace prize.

2009-10-10 @ 15:33:57

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