This is my aunt...

...Birgitta Mossberg, Secretary General of Ronald McDonald Childhood Foundation in Sweden. In the summer of 1986, visiting Skeda, she borrowed my tape recorder and interviewed her grandmother Anna, 97, about her life. Initially, though, she interviewed her mother Brita who could give us the storyline. 

As a result of this, we now know (among other things) how Salomon and Lydia met each other, what really happened when Gunnar Serner tried to kiss his cousin Anna, how Skeda was found and bought and how a bunch of kids came to live with Anna and Helge in Värnamo. We also have both Anna's and Brita's voices saved on a tape. Well done, Birgitta!

Audio file: Anna's story about Greta's children coming to Sweden 

Postat av: Dick

Thought I saw a strong resemblance to your mother,Hans, as the photo unfolded.The good work of Ronald McDonald Childhood Foundation is much evident in Canada. It must be a very rewarding involvement,Birgitta. The visit by Amelie and her most thoughtful gift of a book about Sweden were certainly highlights of our summer,as was that of our family historian Hans.

PS. Pleased to report that McDonalds in Canada have come up with a very tasty Angus hamburger ($5Cdn about 35 kroner ) and a decent Arabica coffee(starting at $1.29). Same,cheaper or more expensive in Sweden? Recall in Antigua, Guatemala the sole McDonalds(2005) was popular and a big event for many families ,even though,for many, it cost a big part of their weekly income.

2009-10-13 @ 13:42:39
Postat av: Birgitta Mossberg

Hopefully I look better in reality since I had problems with one of my front teeths as you can see in the photo....

I was really very fond of my grandmother Anna and it is nice to be able to listen to her voice. which is even more personal than looking at a photo.

I am happy to hear about Amelies and Hans visit and I know that Amelie also appreciated it a lot.


I have just inagurated the 4th Ronald McDonald House in Sweden which is situated in Linköping. HRH Princess Madeleine took part in this inauguration and we had great media coverage.

PS The hamburgers are on an average more expensive in Sweden. DS

best regards Birgitta

2009-10-19 @ 13:47:44

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