Yesterday I had a letter...

...from the oldest person that I know: Maj Aili, nee Rydsjö, born 1915. She is a sister of authoress Elsi Rydsjö, granddaughter of Salomon's sister Elisabeth and second cousin of, for example, Dick. I met her for the first time at Skeda in the 80's, kept in touch with her and visited her in Halmstad for the first time in 2006. (Under Other Documents/Övriga dokument there is a letter from Greta Lindman to her cousin Signe Rydsjö, where Maj is  referred to as "the girl with dimples in her cheeks".)

It's interesting to listen to her recollections since she (among other things) has stayed one year in the 30's at Rosenlund, Jönköping, keeping Gustaf Lindman (Salomon's brother) company. She has also spent at least one summer at her uncle Gunnar Serner's estate (a famous author, cousin of the Lindman sisters). She remembers so many people from the past and it really feels special sitting and having coffe with her.

I have asked myself why I generally feel so comfortable meeting old people. A part of this is their calmness following an accomplished life. Talking to an old person you don't really have to proof anything.


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