A good thing with Leksand...

...is its church which was partly built in the 13th century. I find it very nice and peaceful to take a walk around the churchyard, thinking about things, looking at graves and contemplate. If that is a disorder, it is certanly not inherited from my parents.

Postat av: Dick

It looks charming, Hans. Contemplating gravestones seems harmless enough;suspect contemplating an actual church service would be extreme.Do I understand correctly that religion is a non-factor with most Swedes,especially the young?

2009-09-11 @ 14:12:24
Postat av: Hans

Yes I think so. Why don't you put this question in your SwedCan-blog, and I will try to give you an answer that is a little longer.

2009-09-11 @ 21:23:48

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