I have noticed...

...that 90% of what I write in this blog is about women. How can that be? Of course, there are slightly more women than men in the family, but there is more to it. I remember Swedish author Jonas Gardell being asked once why all his books were about women. His explanation was something about women being more complicated, not taking things that easy. I guess that is very true. If just some nice evenings with a handsome man had been enough to make Lydia feel happy, she wouldn't have been that interesting as a person.

Postat av: Dick

An astute observation as the trio of my sister Sylvia,Brita and Bertil taken in the '40's seems so far the be the only male representation.As prime mover perhaps you can address that imbalance but then you need interesting male material to work with. !?.

Brita and Bertil visited here shortly before he died; we visited Niagara Falls,of course, and I recall that Bertil was an ardent environmentalist and likely ahead of his time back then.He was very concerned about lakes and pollution,as I recall. Signs of Sylvia's problems also surfaced way back then.

2009-09-01 @ 15:27:05

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