In the 1860's...

...Salomon was photographed together with his sister Anna. Imagine if they had known that Salomon was going to have a daughter Anna, and Anna (the girl in the picture) was going to have a son Helge, and that the two of them were going to marry. And that Anna and Helge would become my great grandparents.

Helge's mother (the girl in the picture), was Anna Wennberg nee Lindman. Her daughter-in-law, my great grandmother, was also Anna Wennberg nee Lindman. And to complicate it even more: Salomon's mother Sofia was a Lindman nee Wennberg! From this you can understand that I'm related to myself in more than one way.

Postat av: Anita R

And yet we became such goodlooking and nice persons, Hans. This picture is also my mothers grandfather and my fathers grandmother. That is funny - to be related to oneself!

2009-09-22 @ 18:07:52

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