This photo...

...from 1921 shows Greta with her children Maggie and Bob. Didn't Greta look quite manly? Since she was only 32 years old when she died, we don't know so much about her either. We know that she was very sporty, trained as a medical gymnast, and that she married a rich hotel proprietor in Chicago. She seems to have been quite a cheerful person. But what more? It will be interesting to see what information her granddaughter Anita finds in the documents left from Else. Maybe some day it will be possible to write a short essay called "Who was Greta Lindman?"

Postat av: Anita R

Har hittat brev från Uncle Bob till oss från 1959. Ska läsa dem. Där skriver han hälsningar från Bob, Kathleen och Greta. Jag kommer igen.

Hittade just en bok med Signe Wennbergs tal till mamma och pappas bröllop. Det handlar om Greta!!!

2009-09-20 @ 18:15:29
Postat av: Hans

Låter mycket lovande. Hemsidan väntar tillökning..!

2009-09-20 @ 21:15:45
Postat av: Dick

Much is now known through this family web site about Anna, Karin and Kerstin. It would be most meaningful and appreciated to complete the insights into the Lindman sisters'lives by adding whatever is known about Greta.

I should not forget about Ellen,the second eldest sister,who died so tragically young at age 13.

2009-09-21 @ 13:45:50
Postat av: Hans

Both G and E deserves to be remebered. Next year it will be 120 years since Ellen was born. Then I will write something about her. We have some documents showing that she was a good writer. We also have the letters that Lydia recieved after Ellen's death.

2009-09-22 @ 12:05:02
Postat av: Cathy

My Mom (Anna) has a picture of Grandma Maggie that looks just like this. Amazingly, my daughter Tori also looks just like Grandma Maggie!

2010-03-19 @ 16:13:42

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