In August 1986... aunt Birgitta made a longer interview with my great grandmother Anna about her life, her years at Rosenlund, her anxiety and her marriage with Helge Wennberg. Also about the time (during the 1930's) when Margaret, Else, Chris and the terrible Ring kids came to live with her! Together with one of them, Dick, I have now translated (parts of) the interview to English and this is his comment:

Touching interview; adds to the picture of Anna as coming across very strongly (to me anyway) yet from childhood was very insecure and vulnerable. But somehow managed to deal with 9 children, counting her own, an ailing sister plus those Finnish girls she took in during the war. A truly remarkable woman and I feel sure that I speak on behalf of the others, all of whom are now gone. And modest about her wonderful contributions. [...] Could add that Anna was a strict disciplinarian and gradually, I think, we became almost human.

Birgitta's interview with Anna


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