A photo from 1986...

...when I visited my father's parents in their summer home at Ljusterö outside Stockholm. This was the first time that I really met Johan; even on the boat before reaching the island we had interesting conversations. On Ljusterö I recall that Johan and I played a lot of badminton. My grandfather was a very dominant person and my grandmother - well, she didn't show much of herself at all.

Am I nostalgic about the 80's? Yes and no. I think I would like to relive it, at least parts of it. But only with the knowledge and the experiences that I have today. (Grandma, grandpa - I have some questions for you.)

Postat av: Dick

Surely that is not a cigarette in Johan,s right hand? Likely just a small gesture...

2010-12-12 @ 15:10:36
Postat av: Johan

Its my eyeglasses! ... but its definitely an ashtray in front of me...

2010-12-12 @ 19:59:28

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