Congratulations Dick, 80 years old.

This photo, in front of the Niagara Falls, was taken in July of 2007 when I visited Dick and Margaret in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada for the first time. Richard Lindman Ring is his full name, with Lindman as the second and Ring as the surname. Dick is the youngest member of his generation and the oldest person of our family living today. To me he is the living link between Lydia Lindman and Facebook.

In her diary from January 10, 1936, Lydia writes: "Kerstin came to us in November with three children [...] it was so fun having her and Dickie here before Christmas. The boy is so adorably cute and nice too". When Dick and I translated Gösta Wennberg's wonderful essay about his grandmother it was an honor to do it in cooperation with someone who actually met her.

If I should use a word to describe Dick it would be concerned. After retiring from the work as a manager (sales and research in publishing) he has been active with volonteering. From 1999 to 2005, he was involved with a project in Guatemala whose aim was to help the poor. Today he visits the elderly in the local area, talks to them, sometimes drives them to the doctor. His own comment is that "it's a big mistake to do nothing because you can only do a little". 

He has four children: Deborah and Carolyn (with Joan Treloar), Michael and Stephen (with Margaret); I guess  they are all, right now, on their way to Grimsby. And that they agree with me when I say: we should be grateful for still having Dickie around. Write to him about politics, economy, environment, philosophy - he will have an opinion. Write to him about anything that you have at heart and he will care for you. A big hug to the Grand Old Man!

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Hear, hear...

2010-12-15 @ 14:00:54

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