During 10 years of my life...

...1983-1993, I followed Dallas every Saturday in the Swedish Television. Almost everyone followed it. The series, or rather the phenomena, was and still is a part of my life. And believe it or not, director Ingmar Bergman was fond of it; I read that Dallas was one of the inspiration sources for his masterpiece Fanny and Alexander.

Five years ago the first season of Dallas came on DVD and ever since then I'm reliving it; I have just finished season 12 with two more to go. I cannot say that it is very realistic, still it has something special, at least for me. It inspires me to make things in my own life better.

But when I say that I would like to be more like JR, people usually misunderstand me. I don't say that I want to be like him (how on earth would that be possible); I say that I want to be more like him. Which means a little more superficial, a little more calculating and a little more business minded.

Postat av: Dick

There is still time, Hans. Seriously, Dallas was a family favorite(members actually watched programs like that together back then ),JR a real rascal.Larry Hagman's mother Mary Martin I always picture as Peter Pan .

2010-02-25 @ 16:45:00

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