In 2006....

...Louise Young, nee Ring (1921-2007) celebrated her 85th birthday. She was married to (and later divorced from) Jonathan Young, and had the children Nancy, Lindy and Barbara (standing behind her). According to brother Dick she was "an extremely caring person, and very much devoted to her family, to her daughters and son and grandchildren; did a lot of babysitting, quite involved in the family, and tremendously well loved."

As the only one of Kerstin Lindman's children, she didn't go with her mother to Sweden, but stayed with her father in Canada during the depression. They went through very tough times together and not until 1946, when the war was over, the family could reconcile after 11 years of separation. In a conversation with Jennifer Ring, Louise commented this: "My blood runs cold when I think of what the depression did to our family."


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