May I present...

...Amanda Young, born 1978, daughter of Lindy Young, granddaughter of Louise Ring, great granddaughter of Kerstin Lindman. If I say in Swedish that she is my "brylling", it sounds as if we are very distantly related; if I say that she is my third cousin it sounds a little closer.

I met her at the family reunion in Toronto last summer; she was nice but I didn't realize until some days ago that we had something in common. In Facebook she wrote that "there is an illusion set-up in the mind that you need something outside to be peaceful and contented. But the truth of the matter is that the nature of the mind is set up to be discontented. [...] You already have it inside you... that wonderful sense of inward sufficiency". Just like me, Amanda is interested in inward devolopment.

Otherwise I would guess that we are quite unalike. She writes about her interests that she likes all kinds of sports, simply "anything outdoors". If I would characterize myself, I would rather say "anything indoors".

Postat av: Dick

Am reminded of an old saying that"we would have peace of mind but will not look within" Add " it is in the art of deceiving ourselves that we show our greatest talent".Perhaps that includes reliance on others/outside things for happiness!?

2010-02-18 @ 14:00:49
Postat av: Hans

Well, in a way, yes. If we find the inner peace (I don't really know what that means but some people seem to find it in their old age) we maybe don't need to decieve ourselfs. We can see the outside turbulence, do what we can do just at the moment and let the other things be. Nothing in the outside world is constant which is really a blessing.

2010-02-19 @ 09:58:43

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