The Lindman family crest...

...has a lot of symbols in it. First of all, the blue and yellow which are the colours of the Swedish flag. Secondly, in the crest there is a linden, in Swedish called "lind". Around the linden there is space, in Swedish called "rum". This is a symbol for Lindrum, the hamlet in Ölsremma, Västergötland where the progenitor, vicar Arvid (1670-1741), was born.

From the crest a wolf is coming up, which symbolizes Ölsremma (the prefix "öls" is an old word for "wolf"). The wolf is holding a linden twig with three leaves. Those symbolize Arvid's three sons in his marriage with Maria Elisabeth Wekander: Johan, Olof and Sven. (Sven is our progenitor, Johan is the progenitor of prime minister Lindman.)

The family crest was adopted by forest officer Bengt Lindman, Tranås, when the Family Society Lindman of Lindrum was founded in 1999. All of Arvid Lindman's descendants (and they are many!) are permitted to use it. That's why the crest is also a symbol for the Family Society Salomon and Lydia.


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