This photo...

...from 1972 shows my grandmother and great grandmother pealing apples at Skeda. By this time, they only lived at Skeda in the summer. My great grandmother lived there permanently from 1976, my grandmother came in 1981, after she was widowed. 

Those two people - gosh what they have ment to me. And to my family interest. I had my great grandmother until I was 15 and my grandmother until I was 30. Thereby I had the chance to ask them (at least my grandmother) a lot of questions.

Still it is now a long time ago; a lot have happened since I met them. What would I ask them if I had the chance to meet them again? Probably I would focus on the cultural changes which - at least on the surface - have taken place in Sweden since the 1950's. If they could, I would ask them to compare today with yesterday. Also, I would ask them about the ways that they have dealt with the problems of their lives, and I would tell them how I deal with mine.

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Excellent site.

2011-02-16 @ 16:42:26

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