Ted Ring (1926-1973)

The first time that I heard of Ted Ring was when I sat with my grandmother by the beach at Skeda in a summer evening of the 80's. She then told me about the cousins of her who came to Sweden when they were children; she also mentioned to me that one of them was now dead. This is all I remember from that conversation. I don't think that my grandmother had any knowledge about Ted's children.

But in 2006 Ted's daughter Jennifer contacted my mother and wanted to visit us at Skeda. This was the time when I really got to know about him. My image of him, after all that I have heard, is of a manly, nature-loving, boyish man, in a woman's eyes exciting. And unstable as many other people in our family.

His brother Dick describes him as "a very fine photographer who worked at times with a couple of well-known artists in Canada. He was very interested in nature, was a fine teacher at the Toronto Island Public School. I have met some of his pupils through his daughter Jennifer and they thought very highly of him as a teacher. It seemed Ted was ahead of his time in environmental concerns and teaching his pupils about nature."

This is confirmed by his former pupil from the 4th grade, Eric Light, who tells us in the guestbook (June 2008) that Ted was an "outstanding teacher whose love of nature and art stay with me today, 51 years later." So maybe when describing him, we should also use the word charismatic.


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