This is God

Lydia's mother Mathilda indeed believed in him. Lydia believed in him. My great grandmother Anna wanted to belive in him. Her son Gösta did not believe in him. My grandmother Brita was not really interested in him. Myself I believe, that in order to discuss him, you first of all need to define him.

Postat av: Dick

Or Her, Hans; to some, He or She is indefinable and Faith takes over,which perhaps is heresy to philosophers!?

2010-01-22 @ 03:28:11
Postat av: Anonym

Well, if you define something as "indefineble" you either mean that the thing has no distinct nature, which does not make philosophical sense. Or you mean that is has no distinct nature that we can understand, which makes philosophical sense. But if you then say (for exampel) "Thanks God, I survived" you obviously think that 1) it is something that can affect what happens to you 2) it is something that can hear you and understand what you are saying. Then you are not really being honest when you say that it is "indefinable". You want to believe something, but you can't argue for what you believe.

2010-01-22 @ 09:23:22
Postat av: Dick

Have always liked the saying that "the heart has reasons that reason does not know".(Pascal?) Similarly I suggest that Faith transcends reason and philosophical thought as it accepts the unknown without the need for philosophical examination or rationale ++. Was it Spinoza who said."The love of something, infinite,incomprehensible and eternal is what we might strive for" (after having dismissed money, fame, power, with reasons why).So I will, perhaps naively,continue to believe in a God, although heaven knows it is harder and harder to make a case that it is a fair God.

Sounds like we may agree to disagree!?

PS Thanks for posting photo of Pepe,Pockets and Kuma our" primate members at 25 Princess Blvd,Grimsby, Can". To us, of course, they are very dear and loved members of the family who are quite unique in their ways of adding joy here. Have one more of Pepe which we will send..a bit late as he is shown hung over after a beer.(Not really but...)

2010-01-23 @ 16:50:23

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