This is Thomander's student's hostel in Lund...

...where Lydia was the matron 1914-1922. We know that she had difficulties during this time. In the essay about his grandmother, Gösta Wennberg tells us that "there often were conflicts between grandma and the students" and that "this was not really a good choice of work for such a quick-tempered person".

In a jubilee publication about the hostel 1895-1945 a former inhabitant, Yngve Plym Forshell, writes about this:

Part of the complaining (about the food) was addressed to the matron Mrs Lindman, disrespectfully called "the girl". She was not really able to cope with the lack of material resourses, and despite her charm and social competence she lacked something very important in dealing with a group of students: an understandig and indulgent sense of humor. Dealing with our matron, I am sorry to say, we often didn't follow gentlemen's agreement.

Gösta's comment: "Poor Grandma! Mom tells us about her bad temper and lack of humor, in describing the emancipation years of the girls, as she had constant conflict at home with Greta and Kerstin."

Myself I must admit that Lydia's difficulties in dealing with other people is one of the reasons why I find her interesting. If a person is complicated, there is more of a challenge in understanding her.


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