Three of Greta's children...

...gathered in Värnamo 1939: Else, Christian and Margaret Andersen. Because both their parents were dead, they had come to live with Anna and Helge.

Margaret "Maggie" (1918-1991) came to Sweden when she was 15 and had her education here. She eventually returned to the US where she worked as an accountant. She married Frank Finnell and had the children Robert, Anna and William. The later part of her life she lived in Olympia, Washington.

Christian "Chris" (1924-2009) came to Sweden, 13 years old, and eventually returned to the US. He married Eleanor and had the daughter Paula. The later part of his life he lived in Myerstown, Pennsylvainia. Otherwise I know very little about him.

Else (1924-2009) came to Sweden with Chris and stayed here for the rest of her life. She married her second cousin Folke Wennberg and had the children Anita, Christian and Björn. The later part of her life she lived outside Stockholm. I met her several times; she was always positive (at least on the surface), always encouraging. From what I understand, all her male cousins fell in love with her. Jennifer Ring says (after meeting Else in Sweden 2006): "Else was a woman with a real sparkle inside, a fire even. She was one of a kind."


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