90 years ago...

...on July 4, 1920, my great uncle Gustav Salomon (Gösta) Wennberg was born in Backe in the north of Sweden. He grew up in Värnamo and went to high school in Södertälje where he met his wife AnnStin. At the university of Lund he studied, among other subjects, limnology and geography, which resulted in a licentiate degree. From the middle of the 1960's he lived in Uppsala where he was a lecturer in geography at the School of Education.

I met Gösta many times at Skeda and I mostly remember his great proficiency in a wide range of areas; he was a renaissance man. Complex but also complicated, anxious and sensitive. And he would not have denied that he had a great interest in himself. After struggling with religion in his youth he was a hardcore atheist. When I, as 23 year old thinker, discussed reincarnation with him (which I believed in) he stated - almost aggressively - that it was "embarrassing" that people could believe in such things.

After he had taken his doctoral degree at 70 (he lived to be 84), he started to write his family stories and memoirs. And I know from his daughter Ulla that he found this really amusing. I should say that those writings are the fundament of the family history that we have today, and which not many families are blessed with.

So thank you Gösta - wherever you are (not).

Postat av: Jennifer Ring

Thank you Hans for such thoughtful impressions about Gosta. Your insight helps me gain a better understanding of the family, and by extension, myself. Your gift as a writer and communicator has been significant this past year. As we approach the first anniversary of the reunion in Canada, I am reminded of that.-Jennifer Ring in Canada

2010-07-04 @ 17:46:32

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