A box of postcards

In the attic at Skeda, I yesterday found a box with some 100-200 postcards. They were written from the early 20's until the early 80's. I should say that 90 percent of them contain the words "We have a lovely weather" or "We have been to this and that place" or "We went up early this morning" or "We had a really tasteful dinner". Nice to read but says very little about the person holding the pen.

How intriguing if someome would have written something like "I don't know if I love my children" or "I think I'm homosexual" or "I'm considering suicide". Or just something unusual, original, remarcable, filthy, provocative or deeply philosophical. But I know: you don't write those things on a postcard. Sometimes you write them in your diary but more often you don't write them down at all.

Of course smalltalk on a postcard can be of interest in a family historical perspective; it tells us for example what Karin did at Koster. But what becomes really interesting is when someone has written his or her thoughts down, like Lydia with her diary, and dared to be really honest about them.


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