Our website...

...has now existed for two years. For us descendants with a natural interest in our origin it has been important in many respects, as a way to get to know our ancestors, each other and ourselfs. For me the website was just a necessary way of filling in a big gap: I honestly don't understand how we could meet earlier and never talk about the family history, which really is something we have in common. Since one and a half year we also have a Family Society.

And now I think we are ready for the next step. As some of you might know, there is a bigger family society, existing since 1999, for all the descendants of vicar Arvid Lindman (1670-1741). Tomorrow I will have a meeting in Stockholm with Johan Alexander Lindman, the great researcher of the Lindman family, and discuss the possibilities of uniting the two societies into one. I think, for us interested, very much can come out of this in the future!



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