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...together with Viviane Ljungdahl Kaijser, a relative of mine who is quite unique since she has no computer. Myself I can't really understand how this is possible. How does she pay her bills? How does she contact a friend? How does she find information? What does she do the first thing in the morning? What does she do when she can't sleep at night? How does she find comfort? Etc.

Postat av: Dick

All those questions seem reasonable and indeed often occured to me . I have some thoughts,acquired recently after driving many,mostly elederly,people to medical appointments,shopping ++. Serves a need in a small way to keep many at home and away from costly nursing homes.And I meet some most interesting people even though many of my clients do not have a computer and say they do not feel a need.Their universe functions well for them. A few even live within a block or two of our library which supplies free use of some 15 computers!

Sometimes a cost consideration but mostly not.

So snail mail ,telephone calls continue to be enough.

A dear friend who just turned 90,is very bright,well-travelled,writes and speaks very intelligently,found the computer a nuisance after 6 months,at age 80.Does not miss it.

Different strokes for different folks;you and I would live in a vastly diminished world,many do not,it seems.

2010-06-06 @ 21:37:42

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