If I should give a piece of advice to my relatives...

...it would be to write a diary. Thanks to Lydia's diary, which she wrote for almost all her adult life, we now have a unique access to her life, her thoughts, her problems and her character. We know her. We wouldn't have known her otherwise. I wonder if she ever thought about the possibility of the coming generations to get to know her by her diary.  My great grandmother Anna also kept a diary, by which we know her (not so pleasant) thoughts and feelings when she was 20. In the family archive at Skeda we have Lydia's father Olof Christian Telemak Andrén's diary from the 1860's, when he served as vicar in Asarum. The diary is difficult to read but there are some things one can learn from it.

Myself I have kept thought-diaries since I was 26. It is a way of communicating with oneself and one's situation. And since oneself is the only true friend one ever has in life, it it best to make that relationship work. My thought-diaries are absolutely private until the day that I die. After that, they will be open to anyone who wants to know who I was. And hopefully there will be someone who wants to.

Postat av: Dick

Most intrigued;slim chance for me so..how about a sneak preview or a few gems which I can benefit from??

2010-03-16 @ 14:03:28
Postat av: Anonym

Well, if you come to Sweden I'll share some thoughts with you over a glass of wine... ;)

2010-03-16 @ 19:51:47

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