My great great aunt Karin...

...(1893-1985) was, just like her mother Lydia, quite a character. The photo was taken at Skeda on her 80th birthday, May 1, 1973 (just two weeks before I came out). She worked as a teacher in Malmö, Karlshamn and, finally, the junior secondary school in Ljungby where she stayed after she was retired. Her pupils appreciated her, just like they usually do with colorful teachers. And just as I can be upset when  my pupils don't know things that I think they should know, Karin was upset because her pupils didn't know the names of the Greece gods.

I remember visiting Karin, together with my parents, in her apartment in Ljungby. She was very short, smoked a lot, had black pants and (if I remember it correctly) kept money inside books. She gave us candy that looked like pieces of orange. She had a hearing problem and was very clear about her situation: "It is no fun becoming old."

Gösta's essay about Aunt Karin
Göstas berättelse om moster Karin



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