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...was Reginald H. Ring, whom Kerstin Lindman married in 1920. Their friends called them Reg and Kitty. In a conversation with Jennifer Ring, their eldest daughter Louise characterized her father in the following way: "He was a cultivated Englishman, from London, England, with a very noticeable English accent. He was a modest, well-liked man with many friends [...]. Reginald was an avid reader and a great lover of music. He attended all the cultural events of the day. As a family man he always organized family outings on Sunday. He was a man of European sensibilities, through and through."

Postat av: Dick

Guess in those days "a man of European sensibilities" carried a certain distinction. Perhaps it still does!?

My dad instilled in me a love of classical music. Grateful to have that to this day as "next to silence,music expresses th inexpressible best".A. Huxley. A fair excuse when I do not feel chatty but Margaret claims " if you use that one,one more time.... So..

2010-03-16 @ 14:14:12
Postat av: Michaellinnea

Very Good! I love it.

2011-11-08 @ 07:34:08

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