A very young Else Andersen...

... Greta Lindman's daughter. (As both her first and last name show, her father was from Denmark.) The photo was taken in Värnamo, maybe in 1938 when she was 14 and spent her first summer in Sweden. By this time both her parents were dead.

Else had an interesting ability to make men fall in love with her. All her male cousins did and I don't think it was just because of her looks; she had something strong, cheerful and encouraging in her appearance. And I guess there is a biological explanation why such people are easy to fall in love with. Strength and cheerfullness promise health, which in turn promises a good offspring; nature's way of keeping itself alive.

Postat av: DickRing

Lovely contemplative photo.Yes,recall the young men falling for Else;sadly I was too young.My guess is that this was taken at Vidosten?(before Skeda); the main cottage is shown and a smaller one(recall that you wrote ..that Karin built it) was located just to the rightof where Else sits. I spent some time there, even started school in the Fall but was mercifully moved to Varnamo. A near-drowning experience..it seemed anyway.. remains clear in my mind.Else was my saviour!

2010-05-22 @ 01:51:01

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