Salomon Lindman, who was he?

He lived from 1858 to 1897, had five daughters of whom my great grandmother Anna was the eldest. She was the last person to remember him. Today he's got about 90 descendants living in at least two continents.

In the family archive at Skeda we have about 20 letters that he wrote to Lydia, before and after they were married. He had an interesting, backward-leaning handwriting. From the letters we know that he was a cultivated man, interested in theatre and literature. He also enjoyed popular science.

Since he owned a successful grocery store (which he had taken over from his father) and had a number of political responsibilities, he was quite a prestigious person in Jönköping. Thanks to this, there is a short biography of him in the book Jönköpings stads och läns sparbank 1831-1930. It says "During the days when he was healthy, he was a restlessly working businessman and local politician. Behind his serious appearance there was a good heart and a good-natured, dry sense of humour".


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