In 1944... great aunt Stina married Börje Larsson at Skeda gård. The marriage lasted for 20 years. Soon you will be able to watch the film "Stina and Börje's Wedding" on the website. You will also be able to watch my grandfather Bertil's masterpiece "The Doll that Disappeared". Not to mention the voicebank, which will be created tomorrow. Believe me, things will happen in the days to come!

Postat av: Johan

Great news but also a little spooky - I have seen pictures from their wedding but had no idea of the existance of a film! /Johan

2010-11-06 @ 08:37:34
Postat av: Hans

Life's full of surprizes... ;)

2010-11-06 @ 11:30:02
Postat av: Johan

On my toes waiting...

2010-11-11 @ 17:51:34
Postat av: Johan

It was worth waiting for!

2010-11-24 @ 23:06:56

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