My vision of a family reunion

Approximately 50% of all human beings will (under normal circumstances) at some point in life become interested in their family history. Usually it comes with age. Some of us are born with it.

Being interested in family history is to feel a connection backwards. Older generations aren't irrelevant; they are just a bit more far away than the generations that live, work, get tired, get depressed, feel happy, get jobs in so-and-so-land, have children, build their houses etc. The feeling that older generations aren't irrelevant is, to me, what family interest is all about. All parents seem to adore their children (with or without a good reason) and there are many people who love their grandmothers, but this is something else. This is a way of life.

Since two years we have a society for the family interested descendants of Salomon and Lydia Lindman. I am the prime mover. Together with Johan Alexander Lindman I will work out ways of building connections to other Lindman family branches. The reunion at Skeda gård in July of 2011 will, of course, be focused on Salomon and Lydia's branch; we have the strongest relationship. But if we can make it interesting for other relatives as well (on both sides of the Ocean) I think it would be a very promising sign for the future.


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