A photo from 1963

AnnStin, Gösta and Stina Wennberg. My relation to the 60s is a little double; I don't really know if I would have wanted to live by then. As a high school teacher I would have had a much better salary. In some ways I think it was easier being a man, perhaps also more rewarding to be an intellectual.

On the other hand, in the 60s there were much more car accidents, fewer people survived cancer, many of the medicines and ointments that I have used in my life did not excist. And it would have been absolutely impossible to have a blog or a family website.

Postat av: Johan

1963 to be more exact (year no 13 of the 50s) so you must either find a new photo or develop some reflections on the 60s... :-) /Johan

2010-10-26 @ 07:47:27
Postat av: Hans

Luckily, the reflections works just as well for the 60s. Easy transformation.

2010-10-26 @ 10:01:11

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