Kerstin Lindman Ring (1895-1949)

I don't think that I knew about Kerstin Lindman until our family visited Dick on Vancouver Island in 1999. Preparing for this trip, 26 years old, I started being able to separate my great grandmother's sisters Greta and Kerstin, getting the family picture a bit more clear.

To say that I am fascinated by Kerstin would not be the right description. Rather, I would have been interested in meeting her for a while, letting her sit down by the table, listening to her, being a gentleman to this most sympathetic woman. I would not have interrupted her or tried to discuss with her, but somehow I would have tried to find out what she felt about her situation. 

Kerstin Lindman has both a Swedish and a Canadian family branch descending from her. Until a couple of years ago the Swedish branch was almost unknown to the rest of the family. All those people who are somehow a result of Kerstin's participation in the Lund Carneval in 1913, where she met the young Arvid Annerfeldt. He became the father of little Torsten whom Kerstin had to give away when he was just born. From what I have understood, none of Kerstin's children in Canada (except perhaps Louise) were told that Kerstin had a child in Sweden. 

Since I am not a woman and do not have children myself, I cannot possibly understand what this would be like. But I have sometimes wondered: how often did she think about little Torsten? What did she think? And when she returned to Sweden in 1935 with three of her children, because of her bad financial situation, did she ever consider the possibility of contacting Torsten and - in a way - becoming his mother again?


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My favorite photo, Hans;a copy sits in front of me.Interesting conjecture about a meeting. Elsa reminded me that my dear mother made a very fine lemon meringue pie as well.

You may be right about Louise being the only one to know,until recently.Sadly cannot confirm.

Seems at least two Arvids stand out;the ex-Prime Minister and my mother's seducer at an early age.Still learning;did not know ..or missed..who Torben's father was or under what circumstances he was conceived.Glad to maintain the Marita connection

2010-10-03 @ 18:08:42
Postat av: Dick


2010-10-03 @ 18:11:49

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